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Couture Flowers Magazine specializes in high-end creativity and design with a special focus on the world of plants and flowers. Our issues showcase floral design, fashion, botany, and provide interior design lovers with curated content, con- temporary design, and exclusive access to tips and trends in the floral and botany sphere. Couture Flowers Magazine has emerged as the leading resource for creative botanical design and floral innovation. There is no other comparable publication that showcases floral and botanical trends in so many creative fields.

Every issue offers cutting edge insight into trends in floral artistry across the globe. With an international focus, we have a true lifelong passion for environmental consciousness and nature and are committed to exploring the beauty of the natural world, including plants and flowers as seen in all aspects of the design world. From top floral designers to the most inventive in couture, art, sumptuous floral arrangements, luxury homes, international designers, and delightful weddings, Couture Flowers Magazine is creativity and beauty, a feast for the eyes.